Posture to the People

Posture to the People

it’s a revolution. it’s a revelation. it’s new-found freedom for your body.


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Our physical therapy is different.

Postural Restoration, also called PRI, is a physical therapy approach which evaluates and changes the way your body sits, stands, lies, and moves to decrease pain, increase relaxation, and restore ease of movement.

Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Any Pain

Anyone suffering from pain in muscles or joints from the feet to the head may benefit. PRI is particularly useful for treating symptoms that are chronic, symptoms which have not responded well to other forms of treatment, and symptoms that appeared gradually over time, or occurred spontaneously without any known reason. It is also very helpful with recovering from accidents and injuries.

Take charge of your treatment.

Whether you have recently been injured or have suffered for years and tried everything, you can find a new level of relief and control over your symptoms from this unique method of treatment. There is simply no other physical therapy approach that is as comprehensive. And the best part is: you will learn to treat yourself.