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What is PRI treatment like?

Treatment will consist of assessment, exercises and manual therapy techniques to decrease symptoms and restore ease. This is not a “no-pain, no-gain” technique. Exercises often give immediate relief and give the patient independent control of symptoms. Your physical therapy treatment at Posture to the People will typically last 1hr, and will be strictly 1-on-1.

How is PRI different from regular physical therapy?

Normally, physical therapy treats the body only at the site of the pain. PRI treats the whole body at once, changing the patterns that are causing pain.

Will my insurance cover PRI treatment?

PRI is physical therapy treatment, which is a mandated benefit under under the Affordable Care Act. Contact your insurance company to find out about your physical therapy benefits, and see our insurance page for details about network status with your insurance carrier.

Where can I find out more about Postural Restoration?

More information is available at the Postural Restoration Institute website. Please feel free to call or email with any specific questions.

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